Best Free Online Virus Scanners

What is the best online virus scanner that allows you to do a good cleaning of your Windows PC without having to download any software? Gone are the days when to do a virus scan it was necessary to download and install a program on your computer. Now everything is done online, for free, without registration, and without installation.

Best Free Online Virus Scanners

Here then is one of the best sites that allows you to scan your computer, check for viruses and malware, and thus defend yourself from the increasingly stormy waters of the internet. All you need is your pc and an internet connection. All strictly free, without registration, installation.

Best Free Online Virus Scanners

Bitdefender is one of the best sites for crawling. There are many sites on the net that are sponsored as “no installation”, but in reality, they then require the download (albeit small and very light) of programs which in any case must be on the PC memory. Bitdefender is completely online you don’t have to download anything at all.

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With Bitdefender, it usually takes less than a minute to do a quick scan and check your Windows PC for malware that can bother the system and slow down your browsing. The service can be used simply by connecting to the website, or by downloading a widget on the browser, in order to always have it available. To start the scan just click on “Start Scanner”.

At this point the system will start the check: in just under a minute Bitdefender will scan the system of your PC and will be able to tell you if it has been checked for the presence of unwanted files, viruses, and malware that slow down the performance of your PC. The scan results are returned in less than a minute, and in the end, you can confirm the deletion and deletion of all viruses. And so your PC will be clean and light again, as it once was.

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