Why Do You Crave Sweet and Salty Foods?

There are really moments that carrying on Cucina in Cambiamento, now a company that grows every day with all the duties, challenges, and commitments both economic and emotional, really requires a lot of me.

Why do you crave sweet and salty foods

I happened to be in front of the accountant as the anger rose in my head and I felt it flow through my veins. Today in Italy it is really hard to do business, especially in a new sector like the online sector. Sometimes I feel like I’m lost in a dense forest where I make my way with a machete. This is exactly the sentence I said to my mom one day when she asked me if I shouldn’t be quieter and let it go.

And that I cannot let go: spreading a diet that helps people solve their health problems starting from a balanced food is really my heart’s mission and I am in it with every cell of me and the more I go forward and receive Positive reviews and feedback of the work done together plus I feel with all my heart that I have to go forward in this mission.

Foods That Can Fight Sugar Cravings

The whole Kitchen in Change system with consultations aimed at the needs of the person (which now also include the Ram energy realignment), the Natural Diet in Balance method (now also with the possibility of being followed every day or often with voice messages via WhatsApp ), the online course All about vegetables, my ebook your natural guide to deflate was developed to always be next to the person who comes to me because he is tired of switching from one diet to another, from a dermatologist to an other or from one gastroenterologist to another and feel abundant to himself.

Note that these figures are unnecessary but many times it is easier than you think to bring your body back into balance and make your large intestine, stomach, skin, and metabolism work.

Once, before creating my method, I would have filled that anger and put it “under the carpet” with a nice bar of chocolate or maybe with a mega-pack of biscuits and then I felt low and the next day I had a super-swollen belly.

It can be said that not on all occasions I can manage my anger better or in a super-evolved way (reliving the scene afterward I was a great boor and I could better manage the words that came out of me like Niagara waterfall) but once at home and in the grip of munchies, I immediately understood the first movie I had to do: heat the apple juice with a little cinnamon.

In life, you have to be equipped and in my toolbox in order not to be overwhelmed by the sea magnum of emotions I put:

Reasons You Crave Sweet or Salty Foods

  • My method Your Natural Diet in Balance (especially with the organizational part of the targeted and balanced shopping that prevents me from drifting. Being at home liters of apple juice is not the same as finding packs of industrial biscuits, being at home when you return from work for a snack a nice healthy cake you made on
  • Sunday is not the same as opening the fridge and putting whatever happens in your mouth, just plug it)
  • The contact with nature where I create micro-moments with me
  • a warm foot bath in the evening with ginger or lavender essential oil
  • the hot water bottle that makes me fall asleep in a nanosecond and placed on my kidneys relaxes my whole back and placed on my stomach relaxes all the digestive organs that when they are tense create those crazy cravings for sweets.
  • Hugging my Toto and playing like crazy with him (animals are the most powerful calming that exists on the face of the earth, adopting Toto was my salvation, I can admit it). Circulating love has a surprising effect.
  • Writing every morning or almost three pages of my diary (another saving and re-balancing practice) where I throw out all my emotional material.

But what is the sweet tooth really?

In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, it expresses a yang condition or a large contracture of the central part of our body where there is the solar plexus and therefore organs such as the pancreas, spleen, liver, and stomach.

It also expresses a great desire for love and for this reason being with the furry relaxes as well as taking care of yourself by cooking, walking in nature, writing, and creating micro-moments for yourself. This creates yin moments that balance all the yang that contracts.

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