How You Can Eat to Beat Back Pain?

Since dealing with the effects of food on the body and healthy eating, I have listened to many people who came to me to solve intestinal and digestive problems and at the same time complained of back problems, especially in the lower part.

How You Can Eat to Beat Back Pain

At the age of nine, the orthopedist diagnosed me with very serious scoliosis so I had to wear a brace for the entire growing age. It was really a very difficult period of my life but as in all dark moments, in the end, I drew so many teachers and awareness. First of all my scoliosis taught me to take care of my back so I never suffered from back pain despite two bends in my spine.

And how do I take care of my back?

Through nutrition (in particular my method, your Natural Diet in Balance, which does not overload the intestines and digestive organs), yoga exercises, and sessions by my trusted osteopath.

In my nutrition studies to become a food consultant and as a yoga teacher I have always paid close attention to these two aspects of our body: back, intestine, and digestive tract.

Back Pain and Diet

Indeed, to tell you the truth, their connection has become part of a careful study in which I also got help from a dear osteopath colleague, Paolo Brero, from whom I regularly go every month to have a massage on the internal organs (especially the pancreas, liver), to stretch the entire spine and to rebalance the pelvis (because despite the years of the bust and the improvement in the degrees of the curves of my spine my back is twisted and if a month I skip the session from the dear osteopath I start to have problems with pain in my knees, walking not so well and eventually having a swollen stomach and a contracted back).

If a person suffers from intestinal problems (constipation, abdominal swelling, intestinal transit disturbances, etc.), he often also complains of low back or sciatic pain. If the “primary dysfunction” is the intestinal one, treating the intestine results in a remission of the lumbar sciatica symptoms – explains Paolo – the action of the osteopath, in this case, through the visceral massage of the intestine restores the correct feedback between portions of the gastrointestinal tract with a consequent reflection on the lumbosacral or sciatica part that will relax making the pain disappear >>.

Pain Management and Back Health

That’s right, every time I leave Paolo’s studio I feel much more free, relaxed and if at times (this happens to me after traveling) I have a bit congested intestine with his massage I go home and free myself in a nanosecond.

What you eat has a direct effect not only on your intestines and your entire digestive system but also on your entire spine.

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