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Do you follow a lifestyle, an emotional and thinking style that makes you lose weight and feel good? A diet as it is conceived today is something that is adopted temporarily and then you go back to eating what you ate before, gaining more and more weight, perhaps even creating health problems.

The 90 10 Diet

Why does this happen with modern diets or who is in a perennial diet mood? Because in the modern concept of the diet intended as a temporary restrictive regime, nothing has changed about oneself, in one’s mental and emotional attitude and one’s eating style.

People tend to go back to diets after diets because they are familiar with putting on weight, losing weight, putting it back on in a vicious circle that never comes out of it.

If you really want to change your weight and feel good in your body, it is time for you to change your thinking style and stop dieting.

But to embrace the concept that originally had the word diet which in ancient Greek medicine meant a set of rules that embraced the lifestyle: from food to sport, to the way of feeling and thinking.

Stefania Lamiasale has grasped the deep meaning of my work and has been following me with my method since the end of September and writes to me:

I truly realize by admiring the dishes that have the same warm colors of autumn: the brown and orange cakes like the earth and the leaves of the trees. Or the green soups and side dishes ranging from purple to brown, again like the soil and shrubs. I like your Natural Diet in Balance because I reconnect with nature because I was lost and could no longer define the course of the seasons and time well. Cooking with your method, in addition to establishing serious changes in the body, I found this link and I’m really curious to try your proposals later because in the end your method is easy and feasible >>.

What did Stefania do?

He changed his paradigm, his way of thinking and feeling about food and his digestive system found peace, he created his miracle: he made familiar what was foreign to him (taking care of oneself through cooking) and made what was foreign to him. he was familiar (ie eating foods that weighed down his digestion of him).

The 90-10 Rule of Dieting

So one of the secrets to feeling good in your body (because then losing weight means this) is to reconnect with nature, give yourself time and overcome the modern and sterile concept of diet to go to the root and conquer a new lifestyle and thinking. In short, a new approach to nutrition in the broadest possible sense of the term.

A good rule that I want to share with you today is the one that my husband Leonardo and after all me too: the 90/10 rule. Leonardo travels a lot for work all over the world, once, at the beginning of our marriage, he came back from these tours very tired and swollen with even a little bacon.

Then we adopted the 90/10 rule (which is his di Lui and he is very proud of it): at home, you eat according to the style of your Natural Balanced Diet and outside you eat those things that are part of the culinary tradition of the country which can be meat (for him), fish, special sweets, eggs, wine, special cheeses.

Does this mean that we are not macrobiotic, vegan, or vegetarian?

But then I would drop all categorizations and embrace one word: elasticity.

Elasticity is a great word, full of vibrant wisdom, and is a quality of the Wood Energy and therefore of the liver and gallbladder, the two organs part of this energy for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What makes the difference is our eating, lifestyle, thinking, and emotional style that we apply every day, 90 percent and not 10 percent.

tips to ensure your 90 10 diet plan

The search for well-being must not turn into a cage in which we close ourselves or that makes us unable to enjoy the present moment.

So our rule is you win: 90 percent of your Natural Balanced Diet eaten with joy and 10 percent of what has always attracted us the most in life eaten with equal joy, presence, and gratitude.

In the new year, I want to talk a little more about lifestyle and winning emotional attitude and a little less about food or better to make more connections to understand how food changes our mind, what do you say?

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